Pickerel River Canoe Trip Planning

Planning is underway for my new adventure between Algonquin Park and Parry Sound on the Pickerel River. Anyone who has ever organized a canoe trip knows that the planning is part of the fun of heading out, with evenings spent looking at the map and imagining where my canoe will be traveling. What makes this expedition extra exciting is that the Pickerel River system is undiscovered territory for me – a paddling paradise in the northern part of the Explorers’ Edge region.

Pickerel River Canoe TripThe first step in my planning was to make contact with the knowledgeable tourism operators in the area. I learned a long time ago that locals know best, and even though I had looked at a map of Loring-Restoule, I hadn’t yet discovered the ideal route to take. So some calls were in order to get some helpful insight.

I was lucky to connect with Al Dare, owner and operator of Wilson Lake Resort, right on the water in Port Loring. Al and his wife Elaine graciously filled me in on everything to do in the Loring-Restoule area, such as ATVing, cycling, hiking, and snowmobiling or Nordic skiing in the winter. Best of all, Al assured me that there were plenty of opportunities for canoe trips on the Pickerel River system, which boasts 42 kilometres of navigable waterways from the Almaguin Highlands to the French River.